Meet our Team – Venkat Soori

Please meet Venkat Soori, Field Services Engineer & System Installer who is based at the interTouch office in Melbourne Australia.

Tell us a bit about your background?
“I was born and raised in Sri Lanka but moved to Malaysia, and subsequently the UK, for my higher studies in computer networks. Then I discovered Australia which is heaven to live and work in. I have several certifications and qualifications in IT and my hunger to learn never stops.”

What is the best part of working at interTouch?
“Teamwork and friendly, professional colleagues are the best part of interTouch. The company environment makes you want to stay there always.”

What are the most exciting parts of your role?
“Meeting and greeting customers and IT managers to solve their issues. I also like the challenges of solving general hotel issues.”

What makes interTouch such a great place to work?
“As mentioned earlier, my colleagues feel like extended family.”

What do you see as the biggest trends in (hospitality) technology?
“In-house casting and wireless door locks as well as integrated check-in applications and virtual assistants.”

What is your favourite tech gadget?
“Ekahau Sidekick”

What tech can you not live without?
“My iPhone which is my backup brain.”

What technology do you expect to see in hotels when you travel?
“Integrated guest applications to allow guests to have the best hotel experiences.”

Once we can all travel again, what cities/places/destinations are on your bucket list?
“London is my favourite place.”

Do you have a role model / mentor in business/life, and if so, who is it and why?
“Sundar Phichai from India. He started his career at the bottom and worked his way up to rule the Internet with one word: ‘Google’.”

What is your favourite business quote / mantra?
“Remember who you are and love the life you have.”

What are your key learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic?
“Several things: community and technology are essential in a virtual life/work. Masks are a powerful tool, and finally, nobody can predict tomorrow.”

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