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Today’s digitally savvy hotel guests want to feel at home the minute they enter their room. They want access to their own media and content and watch it in the comfort of their room in a fast, easy and secure way – just as they would at home.

interTouch Cast transforms the in-room television into an external screen on which your guests can cast their preferred media from their own mobile devices. They can securely access their personal media accounts, safe in the knowledge that none of their login details are retained.

Whether it’s to watch the latest movie or catch up on the most recent episode of their favourite TV show, follow a workout video, or cast a business meeting; your guests want to effortlessly connect and watch their own content without having to remember passwords or log onto a public device.

Unlike mirrored casting solutions, once streaming starts, the process is offloaded to the casting server, which allows guests to use their iOS or Android devices without interrupting the streaming content.

Ensure your guests feel at home

Your guests want easy access to technology
without the hassle of downloading extra apps.
With interTouch Cast you can offer your guests:

  • Automatic pairing to their in-room television
  • A touchless user experience, where they only use their own devices
  • Casting for more than 2,000 apps including Netflix, HBO, Hulu and YouTube etc.

Offer your guests security and privacy

Show your guests that their privacy and security
is just as important to you as it is to them. With
interTouch Cast you can offer your guests:

  • Instant access to cast their own apps without the use of any new or unknown new ones
  • Access to their personal accounts without having to enter login credentials on the TV
  • Full control of when and how they access their personal app accounts

Access that’s quick and easy

With our touchless connection your guests
can access interTouch Cast in a few steps.

  • Connect to the hotel Wi-Fi (interTouch Cloud automatically connects guests to their TV)
  • Alternatively, they scan the QR code or enter the code shown on their TV screen
  • Choose what they want to watch on their device and cast
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