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Most hotels deal with the high cost of maintaining outdated phones and telephony systems. Despite decreased guest usage of in-room phones, hotels must still offer reliable emergency calling options with high sound quality and location information to ensure guest safety in each hotel room.

interTouch Telephony offers a reliable, cloud PBX service at a fraction of the price of traditional solutions. Phone options are available to fit the needs of each hotel room and administrative location.

Why PBX?

Reduced overheads

Cloud-based PBX solution with monthly fee structure is a cost-effective replacement for legacy analog solutions that are increasingly expensive to support.

Increased operational efficiencies

Capabilities include voicemail, call forwarding, emergency-call notification and conference calling.

Improved guest telephony services

Standard hospitality features such as internal calls, voicemail, room-to-room calls and more are provided.

Angie Hospitality option available

Angie voice-enabled guest room assistant phone options also available.

How it works

The cloud-managed PBX service provides telephony capabilities with clear HD voice technology for guest rooms and front desk/administrative locations in the hotel. IP guest and administrative phones are easy to configure to get the service up and running. By eliminating servers and other equipment on site, the set-up process is simple and quick. If a property is migrating to PBX, existing numbers can be rolled over to the new service.

interTouch Telephony offers three IP phones with options such as built-in Wi-Fi, LED screens and headsets to meet the needs of the hotel. The service is also compatible with most SIP/IP phones on the market.

For hotels that choose the interTouch Assistant guest room devices, functionality to fulfil guest requests and answer questions about the hotel and nearby attractions is added. interTouch Assistant devices can also integrate with existing hotel systems to provide a touchless, voice-enabled interface to control the thermostat, lights, TV and more. This eliminates many touch points to increase safety precautions and provide more efficiency.


interTouch Assistant Phone Options


The Spark 4 is our smallest in-room device that can fit the look, space and feel of any hotel room without sacrificing quality or capability.

The simplified, sleek design supports all of interTouch Assistant's cloud-based features. Additional telephone, room control and integration modules are available.


The Spark 7 brings together the best features of the Spark 4 and the Luxe and includes a 7-inch high-resolution display and Bluetooth speakers.

Additional telephone, guest and group promotion, room control, and integration modules are available.


The Luxe instantly upgrades any hotel room with it's 7-inch high-resolution display and Bluetooth speakers.

With voice control and touch screen capabilities, guests can play their own music, make hands-free calls, access hotel amenities, charge their mobile devices, and much more.

IP Phone Options


The CIP270 is the most robust of our CIP phones, supporting up to 16 accounts.

Perfect for an office or a reception desk.


The CIP250 is the perfect general office phone, supporting up to 8 accounts.

Our most popular phone, it is ideal for any reception or business rooms.


The CIP230 is our most economical model, supporting up to 4 accounts.

The phone offers a footprint appropriate for guest rooms.
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