Deliver a guest Wi-Fi experience
that’s like being at home

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interTouch Passpoint enables you to deliver a guest Wi-Fi experience, the same as your guests are used to at home.

interTouch Passpoint enables an instant and secure connection to Wi-Fi as soon as guests reach your hotel. Using secure profiles instead of usernames and passwords to connect to Wi-Fi allows guests to benefit from a seamless experience every time they stay with you.

interTouch Passpoint’s automatic connection powers guest engagement by linking the guest to their guest profile, allowing you to deliver digital services such as mobile keys, welcome messages, promotional messages, and more.

interTouch Passpoint opens the door to increased loyalty and engagement.

Build better brand loyalty
and bottom line results

Eliminate the barriers between you and your guests.
With interTouch Passpoint you can:

  • Personalise your guest’s experience by automatically recognising them as soon as they arrive
  • Increase your revenues by offering your guests tailored services and promotions
  • Reduce your costs by using your existing hardware - no upgrades needed

The benchmark for seamless,
secure connectivity

Show your guests that their security matters
to you. Offer your guests:

  • An easier way to connect to your internet - no more usernames and passwords
  • A frictionless and stress free way to connect to the Internet
  • Added security via an encrypted radio link provides protection from in-air and man-in-the-middle attacks

Solve the MAC randomisation issue

The latest Android and iOS operating systems
change the way mobile devices connect to Wi-Fi.
interTouch Passpoint:

  • Does not rely on a MAC address for authentication
  • Allows for seamless identification and management of the network
  • Decouples the identity of a guest from
    the MAC address of a device
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