Cristina Enea Rooms offers guests interTouch Cast

Following the successful roll-out of interTouch Cast at Cristina Enea Rooms in Spain’s picturesque Donostia-San Sebastián last summer, we thought we would check in with Iñigo Pons, co-owner of the property, to see how the hotel is doing and what the feedback from guests has been to date.

Located in the heart of the beautiful and popular resort town on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s mountainous Basque Country, Cristina Enea Rooms is a smart boutique hotel that offers guests a high-tech, touchless experience in their home away from home. The family-owned and operated property opened in September 2020 and has received glowing guest reviews from its local and international guests. Today, the hotel stands at an exceptional 9.4 rating on, a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor and 8.7 on

“We are delighted to have welcomed many guests since we opened, especially local and regional travellers as the country was recovering from the global pandemic. The forecast for our spring and summer season is very strong with many reservations on the books from international visitors who we look forward to welcoming to Donostia-San Sebastián,” said Iñigo.

As a smart hotel, Cristina Enea Rooms offers a range of tech-driven services and facilities to its guests including casting, WhatsApp bookings and communications as well as electronic door locks.

One guest described his experience staying at Cristina Enea Rooms as “The way of the future,” referring to the smart self-services offered at the hotel.

Commenting on his experience in partnering with interTouch and the feedback received on the hotel’s casting service, Iñigo said: “Our guests are using the casting service in a natural way, it’s seamless and intuitive hence we don’t get many questions or concerns on how to use the system. Being able to stream their own content from their own mobile device on our 43-inch TVs as their digital screen, helps to create the ‘like at home’ experience we’re looking to create for our guests.”

“Casting is an important value-added service that most guests now expect in a hotel and I foresee this to become a standard in most hotels as a standard service in the short-term. It’s definitely something I have come to expect in a hotel when I travel myself,” Iñigo added.

A recent Google review echoed this with the traveller commenting specifically on the casting service offered at Cristina Enea in the feedback of their stay: “The hotel has a casting system in every room so you can see the contents of your mobile phone on the big flat TV screen, a nice surprise that we enjoyed!”

When we asked Iñigo about what guests can look forward to when they visit the hotel this year, he said: “We are continuously adding more features to our accommodation offering to further elevate the guest experience and are looking to roll-out our guest App very soon. This will give travellers all the relevant information and services for their stay, including their reservations.”

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