interTouch and Partnership Aims For Hospitality Sector Growth

interTouch and announce strategic partnership

The synergies between the two companies present a unique opportunity to drive mutual growth in the hospitality sector in Italy and beyond

London, 19th April 2021: interTouch, the leading provider of cloud-based Internet and guest-facing technologies to the global hospitality industry, and, leading telecommunications infrastructure provider in Italy, have announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with the aim to accelerate mutual growth in the hospitality sector across Italy.

Headquartered in Milan with 20 offices across the country, has been servicing the Italian hospitality sector for over 15 years. Today, its leading telecommunications infrastructure solutions are available in over 200 hotels in Italy, and as a strategic partner of interTouch, the company will now be able to offer all interTouch solutions to hotels across the country to help them further enhance their digital guest journey.

“We are very excited to partner with to accelerate our growth in Italy by making our guest-facing technology solutions available locally through their expert team on the ground.’s unrivalled local footprint enables the team to be on site anywhere in the country within two hours to provide the customer support and bespoke innovative solutions our partner hotels have entrusted us with around the world,” said Michael Vargosko, Managing Director for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Latin America and the Caribbean at interTouch.

Over the past 20 years, interTouch has been powering the world’s best hotels to deliver superior digital guest experiences. With installations in over 60 countries representing more than 320,000 hotel rooms, interTouch has become one of the largest, most successful and trusted providers of integrated guest-facing technologies that enables hotel guests to connect and control their digital experience.

“Over the course of this year, the hospitality market was the most affected industry by the global health crisis. is committed to helping this industry through the transition into what will become the “new normal”. In addition to the competencies and skills honed over years in the game, our partnership with interTouch, the leading brand in the market for hospitality technology, will be fundamental in leading the market through the process of renewal and innovation which will allow it to recover and come back stronger than ever,” said Mattia Conti, Enterprise Business Unit Director at

Augusta Claudia Lizzani, added “The partnership with interTouch is not only strategic, but truly indispensable for the continuation of a process of growth and innovation in the hospitality market. By combining our resources and knowledge of the local market with the skillset of the leading brand in the global technology industry we are certain to be able to further elevate the standard of service we provide to each client, with the passion and dedication which characterises both of our companies.”

Through the strategic partnership, all interTouch solutions will be provided locally by including interTouch Cloud for guest internet connectivity, interTouch Passpoint for secure WIFI authentication, interTouch Telephony for hotel PBX Solutions, interTouch Cast for in-room casting, interTouch Entertainment for in-room entertainment and interTouch Assistant for in-room virtual assistants.


About interTouch
interTouch is the leading provider of cloud-based Internet and guest-facing technologies to the global hospitality industry. The company enables hotel guests to connect and control their digital experience through high-speed Internet, entertainment, casting, virtual/voice assistant, Passpoint, and telephony solutions.

The steadfast connectivity, entertainment, and virtual assistant solutions can be tailored to a hotel’s brand standards whilst the company’s reliable, efficient and scalable networks allow its hotel partners to take full advantage of new technology whenever it becomes available.

With installations in 60+ countries representing more than 320,000 hotel rooms, interTouch has become one of the largest and most trusted providers of integrated guest-facing technologies in the hospitality sector.

Established in 1998 with more than 30 offices globally, interTouch is wholly owned by investment firm Gate Worldwide Holdings.

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Established in the early 2000s, with more than 200 employees and 20 offices all over the country, is one of the leading ICT System Integrators in Italy. is nationally recognised as a qualified and reliable supplier of ICT solutions across the Enterprise and Hospitality markets as well as to Telecommunications Operators and Public Administration.

At, excellent technology is accompanied by a strong sense of work ethic and expertise acquired through years of collaboration with the major national ISPs. Partnerships with the leading players in the market, together with a strong commitment to providing the highest standard of the guest experience are what allow us to rise to the top and fulfill the expectations of even the most demanding guest.

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