Meet our Team: Adrian Magni

Please meet Adrian Magni, Graphic Designer, who is based in the interTouch office in Sydney, Australia.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background?
“I grew up in a small town near the beach and moved to Sydney to study computer programming. I ended up changing to digital media studies as I wanted to work more on interface design. After I graduated, I secured a design position at MagiNet in 2004 and the rest as they say is history!”

What is the best part of working at interTouch?
“I like that I get to work on a wide variety of things, from interface and print design to video production, programming and the odd bit of electronics.”

What are the most exciting parts of your role?
“When we get a new device or application, or a client asks for us to do something we haven’t tried before, and I have to figure out how to make it work.”

What makes interTouch such a great place to work?
“The people here are all really friendly, and there’s a good work/life balance, which is important to me as a parent.”

What do you see as the biggest trend in (hospitality) technology?
“I think that, especially after Covid, hotel guests are expecting a more hands-off experience where they can check in and out digitally, order room service automatically and access all their usual devices like home. Virtual assistants like Angie are going to be a big part of this trend.”

What is your favourite tech gadget?
“Probably my 3D printer. I built it from a kit, and it didn’t work that well at first so I kept upgrading and replacing parts until it looked like something Tony Stark would build in an alien prison.”

What tech can you not live without?
“Right now, I’d say all the things that let us stay connected while we’re physically isolated. Zoom calls, Facebook photos and even the VPN that lets me work from home.”

What technology do you expect to see in hotels when you travel?
“What I really look for is thoughtful design of the whole space. Make sure the kettle fits under the tap so I can fill it, and there’s a space where I can plug it in without steaming up the TV.”

Once we can all travel again, what cities/places/destinations are on your bucket list?
“We’ve always planned to do a trip to Japan once the kids were big enough. I want to see the giant Gundam!”

Do you have a role model / mentor in business, and if so, who is it and why?
“One of my favourite science fiction authors, Bruce Sterling, also does a lot of essays and lectures about design, history and the future. We can’t predict the future, but as a designer you do have a chance to change it.”

What is your favourite business mantra?
“Never hire someone who’s rude to the receptionist.”

What is your key learning from the Covid-19 pandemic?
“Working from home with kids around is as hard as I expected, but a lot more fun!”

Do you have a superpower?
“I can fix, build or program any machine, but only if it’s interesting.”

Tell us something no one knows about you?
“I made full sci-fi character costumes for my son and myself to wear to a festival last year, but it got cancelled due to Covid so sometimes we just dress up and pretend we’re in space.”

What three items would you take on a desert island?
“My Nintendo DS because I never get tired of those old games, and it doesn’t need internet.  I’m assuming the island has electricity for some reason. Also, a paintbox so I at least my cave house would be colourful, and finally my piano keyboard that I never get around to practicing on.”

What’s your favourite song?
“Into the Storm by Blind Guardian – epic heavy metal about the Lord of the Rings.”

What’s your favourite book?
“Schismatrix by Bruce Sterling – in a future where the very nature of humanity keeps changing, a salesman survives the centuries by always having a better gimmick.”

Your favourite quote?
“What does God need with a starship?” – Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek V.”

What is your favourite food?
“Pizza, pineapple is fine!”

Coffee or tea?
“Coffee, even though I know it’s not good for me.”

Guilty pleasure?
“Chocolate Tim-Tams. I always have some in my desk drawer at the office.”

Favourite day of the week?
“On Saturdays we always have a family day out with the kids and a big dinner together, and I drink one beer, which is a wild night out by my standards.”

Most useless fact you know?
“Stable orbits can only exist in a 3-dimensional universe, so it’s possible that our universe is just a cross-section or shadow of a much bigger, but much more boring universe and we’re all bubbles on the surface.”

Which historical figure would you like to be?
“Charles Babbage because he missed every deadline but was still considered ahead of his time.”

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