Meet our team – Hossam Elsayed

Hossam Elsayed is our Network Operations Engineer in Egypt. We asked Hossam about his experience in working with interTouch and learned about some of his favourite things in life!

What is the best part about working at interTouch?
“What I enjoy most about working at interTouch is the opportunity to learn new things every day and the chance to build relationships with people from all over the world.”

What is the most exciting part of your role?
“I am exposed to new technologies all the time in my role, which is very exciting. I also really enjoy the great teamwork we have at interTouch; we support each other and work together to make things happen and achieve our goals. My manager is very open-minded and always seeks our feedback. As a team we can express our creativity and make our ideas a reality.

What makes interTouch a great place to work?
“We treat each other as family, not just as colleagues.”

What do you see as the biggest trends in (hospitality) technology?
“There are several technologies I believe will have great applications and use cases in the hospitality industry, these include cloud migration, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security and IoT.”

What is your favourite tech gadget?
“This has to be my laptop!”

What technology do you expect to see in hotels when you travel?
“I would really like to see more use of Virtual Assistants in hotels, I think these are a great tool to innovate and enrich the guest experience.”

Once we can all travel again, what cities/places/destinations are on your bucket list?
“I have quite a few places on my wish list including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Maldives, Spain, Italy and France.”

What is your favourite business mantra or saying?
“I believe people work better when they know what the goal is, and why.”

And your favourite quote?
“Everything happens for a reason.”

What is your superpower?

What three items would you take on a desert island?
“I would take water, food and a tent!”

Tea or coffee?
“Coffee for me.”

What is your favourite food?
“I love seafood.”

And last but not least, the best day of the week for you is?

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