Meet Our Team: Miguel Añorve Durán’s Views On Contactless Technology

This week we sat down with Miguel Añorve Durán, who is responsible for Business Development for interTouch in Latin America, based out of our Mexico City office.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background?
“I’ve been working in the hospitality industry since 2000 and started my career in hotel IT in Mexico as IT Manager at the Hyatt Regency Villahermosa. I then moved to the vendor side of hospitality technology and worked with Intello Technologies HSIA provider for six years, after that with Hotspot International, and I joined interTouch in October 2013.”

What is the best part of working at interTouch?
“For me the best part of working at interTouch is to have the opportunity to be part of a truly global company and to have colleagues and partners both locally and globally. I also really enjoy meeting and supporting our clients across the country and throughout the Latin American region and seeing our solutions running smoothly in their properties.”

What makes interTouch a great place to work?
“From my personal perspective, it is the chance to be in a work environment that promotes and encourages continuous learning and professional development. We have the opportunity to learn new technologies and grow in all areas of the business.”

What do you see as the biggest trends in hospitality technology?
“The Covid-19 pandemic has really accelerated the speed of adoption of contactless technology in hotels, for which demand has been on the rise for quite some time. This includes casting solutions, a trend that’s been largely driven by the increase in mobile technology combined with consumer demand to have the ability to stream their own content while travelling.”

Once we can all travel again, what destination is on your bucket list?
“Both Perú and Brazil are on my bucket list.”

Do you have a role model in life?
“My parents both showed me to never give up and to always look for possibilities, both in good and hard times.”

What are some of your personal learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic?
“That we need to enjoy the present. Although we can plan for the future, plans may change unexpectedly, and you have to be prepared for that.”

What is your superpower?
“I always look for chances and possibilities, even when there may not seem to be any.”

Tell us something people might not know about you?
“I play the guitar.”

What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?
“A guitar, a ball, and a book!”

Your guilty pleasure?
“I can spend hours and hours listening to music.”

Coffee or tea?


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